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Should I let My Children Climb Trees?

An interesting article which caught our eye after it was shared on Twitter by Play Wales asks the question is it really OK for children to climb trees?

Climbing a tree is a mini adventure. You could discover what you are capable of, while also getting the chance to see the world from a different vantage point.

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Parents want their children to enjoy the same joys of childhood they look back on fondly, but many struggle with getting the balance right – how much freedom can you give while also making sure your child is safe?

The article asked five experts – including a paediatric surgeon who operates on children who’ve fallen out of a tree – if it’s OK to let kids climb trees.

Other experts asked are: a Physical Education lecturer, an Injury Epidemiologist, a Teacher and an Environmental Educator.

Basically, they all believe that it’s a good thing to allow your child to climb trees under appropriate supervision and as long as they have been made aware of the risks involved.

Climbing trees strengthens children’s muscles and requires balance and coordination. It is highly enjoyable and can help children work out their personal physical abilities. Children are drawn to climbing trees often because it’s a way to calculate and overcome moderate levels of physical risk. Overcoming movement challenges is an important step in helping children develop confidence and value movement.

Play is a vital part of childhood. It encourages and challenges children’s physical, emotional and social development. It’s crucial children don’t just play in formally-equipped areas but also have contact with the natural environment.

Young adults may face the risk of serious injury as they enter the workforce in some sectors. Teaching children to carefully negotiate risks in a play environment is a significant developmental lesson for their future.

Read the full article here.

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Assessing the risks involved

Our ethos and the philosophy underpinning the company is that children have the right to play in a safe but natural environment that can also be physically challenging and mentally stimulating.

All play involves risk but it’s good to know that our play equipment is compliant with the safety standards required for outdoor play equipment whether it’s for the garden, for schools or for commercial organisations.

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By giving children the chance to have a go they learn the skills required to make a valued judgement on whether what they are attempting may have consequences.

Ultimately, not every child will want to climb a tree but if they do, let them know what trees they can and cannot climb, make sure the environment around is safe, set some rules, be around to supervise and let them enjoy a healthy childhood.

How we can help you

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Our range of climbing frames are large and robust and can offer a wonderful climbing experience to your child if a tree is not available in the area. They are made from large pieces of timber and can be as high as 3.2m off the ground.

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Our Bespoke Tree Houses are often much higher and can be either standalone tree decks or more complex towers built around existing trees.

So whatever you are looking for to get your children up high, climbing and seeing the world from a new perspective – we can help!

Contact our office on 01577 840570 for a chat about what best suits your outdoor space and budget.