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Perk up your porch and patio with our planters!

No matter what size your garden is – a set of colourful planters will never go wrong. Our planters present a great opportunity to experiment with dramatic colour combinations that you’d probably never dare to use in your permanent landscape.

Attract butterflies

And there’s an extra bonus – butterflies are attracted to nectar-rich flowers like verbena, scabious and ice-plant. Go for plants with simple flowers that make it easy for butterflies to get at the nectar. Many cottage garden flowers are suitable. Plant in a sheltered sunny spot and don’t forget to provide food plants for caterpillars, too.

Recommended plants to attract butterflies:

Primrose, Aubretia, Sweet Rocket, Lavender, Thyme and Thistle and of course the Butterfly bush – Buddleia (although this may outgrow your planter if it gets too big!)

There are three sizes of planter available:

The Small Hexagonal Planter is 500mm wide and 300mm high.

Small Wooden Hexagonal Planter

The Large Hexagonal Planter is 600mm wide and 300mm high.

Large Hexagonal Planter for the garden

Finally, the Long Hexagonal Planter is 1200mm wide, 500mm wide and 270mm high.

Long Wooden Hexagonal Planter

All our planters are made from pressure-treated Baltic Redwood which has been impregnated with wax to make it last longer. They are constructed from many small pieces of timber that have been cut at just the right length and angle to form a unique hexagonal shape. The wooden pieces have been nicely finished to they thy are smooth to touch.

The perfect gift!

Why not order one or two to be delivered to an address of your choice – a nice and easy gift that keeps on giving year after year! Or use as a prize or gift to a school, nursing home or other community organisation – just add a small name plate.

If you’d like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01577 840570 for a chat or alternatively email