Balance and Weave : CP-BWV(E)


The Balance and Weave unit is a long 16cm diameter timber beam which is supported on four angled 12cm diameter upright posts. The challenge is to traverse from one end to the other.

The long lower pole is quarter-sawn, flattened on top and rises at an angle of 3° adding that bit of extra challenge.

The upright poles are concreted into the ground and fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves to prevent moisture affecting the timber. All timbers used are also pressure-treated and wax-impregnated.

The four 12cm diameter upright timbers are set 73cm apart and reach a height of 1.25m.
The total product is 2.5m long and 53cm wide, however a 3.0m long version is also available.
Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable and biodegradable, and only timbers from sustainably-managed sources are used.

The free fall height is 0.3m and the free space required is 5.5 x 3.16m. and the recommended safety surfacing area required is 15.5m².



Quality pressure-treated wax-impregnated timber


Dimensions of product: L: 2.50m W: 0.53m H: 1.25m

(3.0m length also available)

Dimension of largest part: L: 2.50m W: 0.16m