Static Balance Beam : CP-SBB(E)


The Static Balance Beam is one of the most basic and yet popular of activity trail components. It consists of a long timber beam supported on two upright posts. The upright posts are concreted into the ground and fitted with a Postsaver sleeve which helps to preserve the timber making it last for many years. All timbers used are pressure treated and wax impregnated.


The standard length is 1.5m however 3.0m, 2.5m, and 2.0m beams are also available.

The beam requires balance, coordination, and perseverance in order to traverse from one end to another.


We suggest laying Grass Safety Mats, if on grass, at key footfall points to reduce ground erosion and are happy to advise on this.

This product can also be placed on tarmac in conjunction with stepping logs for a piece of alternative playground equipment.

Price for 1.5m Balance Beam is £270.00, prices of other sizes are as follows:

CP-SBB 2.0 – Static Balance Beam 2.0m  £295.00

CP-SBB 2.5 – Static Balance Beam 2.5m  £335.00

CP-SBB 3.0 – Static Balance Beam 3.0m  £375.00

Portable Balance Beams are also available. Get in touch for more information.

We are always happy to advise on any of our products, their construction and how they can be best used for your school or nursery.

Call us to chat things through on 01577 840570 or email for more detailed information on delivery and installation costs.


We recently installed a new trim trail at a primary school in Fife. It features the Static Balance Beam alongside other products such as Weaving Ropes and the Hanging Log Steps Traverse. Read all about it here.




1 x 16cm quarter sawn timber flattened on top and bottom supported on two upright posts


length: 1.5m (other sizes are available)

maximum recommended height: 400mm