Super Swing : SFA-ASN-EXT


The Super Swing is perfect for children and young people with additional support needs to enjoy.


This product is often a one-off purchase for the family, frequently as a result of fundraising or applying for extra grants and funding – so it is important that the swing lasts for a very long time, even with much daily use.


It has been developed as a response to requests for a well-designed, solid swing frame that is able to withstand several hours of vigorous, daily swinging by children and young people (CYP) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).


The linear vestibular movement of swinging calms the sensory system, particularly in children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Pathway.


Designed and constructed using beautiful round timbers, it is a specially upgraded and modified version of our Standard Single Swing Frame (SFA) created solely for use by children and adults with additional support needs (ASN).


The modifications include stainless-steel heavy-duty swing points with washer plates, nyloc screws, and four diagonal bracers instead of the standard two. Also, a thicker 14cm Ø top pole rather than the standard 12cm Ø.


The legs are also extended and concreted into the ground and have heat-sealed bitumen sleeves fitted over the ground-line section of the timber post. This keeps the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years.


These modifications allow it to withstand excessive use by children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in order to help them relax, to ease their anxiety, and to calm their minds.


Swinging movements and the predictability of linear swinging often helps to calm or slow down hyperactivity in autistic children and adults. It also develops and increases body awareness, muscle tone, balance, and coordination.



High quality components


The extra large black polyurethane swing seat offers a wider and deeper seating surface and has a special non-standard eye nut and crowfoot fixtures with protective wings to reduce finger entrapment. This swing seat is larger than our standard black rubber swing seats and is supplied with 1.8m long stainless steel chains, giving a finished seat height of around 55cm from ground level to the bottom of the seat. The chains can be shortened by cutting and removing links, if required.


The commercial-grade swing seat comes as standard with this swing frame, and is included in the price.


One grass safety mat under the swing will help prevent ground erosion.


The swing frame is constructed using machine-rounded, dense, Northern European softwoods that have been pressure-treated and waxed for durability.


All timbers come from sustainably-managed forests.



All our timbers have been pressure-treated and impregnated with wax to protect against the seasons, however we recommend applying a coat of wood preservative regularly in order to keep any timber rot and insect damage at bay.


Wood ages and naturally turns grey in colour.
If you wish to ‘refresh’ the wood simply rub down and apply a clear timber preservative. If surface dirt or algae builds up wash down with soapy water or use a pressure washer.


Your play equipment will hopefully get a lot of use. Although we source high quality products, we recommend that you regularly check your equipment, paying particular attention to the timber fixings and the swing pivot points, tightening any if necessary.


Delivery and Installation

We have teams of experienced installation engineers who travel across the UK to deliver and install your product.

The swing is installed using postcrete which takes approximately 24 hours to cure and set (depending on ground temperatures). The swing should not be used during that time.


The cost to have your products delivered and installed will depend on the total value of your order.

Delivery for this product costs £85.00 – please check here for our delivery exceptions.


As a guide, we charge the following for assembly:

up to £500                Assembly = £350

£500 – £1000         Assembly = £450

£1000 – £2000       Assembly = £500

over £2000               POA


For more information, please call the office on 01577 840570 or email



Heavy duty stainless-steel swing points with washer plates

Nyloc screws and four round timber diagonal bracers

14cm Ø top pole, 10cm Ø legs

Stainless-steel chains


Length: 2.0m

Width (front to back): 2.8m

Height: 2.55m

Free space required 7.0m x 2.0m