Basket – Red and Blue : FBSB-RB


The Red and Blue Basket is also known as a Birds Nest Swing, Group Swing or Spiders Web Swing – the Basket Swing is extremely heavy and requires a 14cm diameter pole on the swing frame to be able to hold the weight.

The Red and Blue Basket is made with an internal galvanised steel ring herculean rope and stainless steel chains, is of commercial quality and conforms to European Safety Standard EN1176.

Our standard swing frames are not able to accommodate this basket however our Family Basket Swing frame has 10cm machine rounded timber legs supporting a 14cm diameter top swing pole and is therefore strong enough. If you are planning to hang this basket from your own swing frame which has not been supplied by us then please double check that  the top pole is strong and robust enough to take the weight of the basket plus the wieght of the children or adults on it.

The recommended basket height from the ground is 400mm.

This listing is for the red and blue basket only – not the swing frame that the basket is suspended from. This product is also available in black.

We can supply Grass Safety Mats for you to place under the basket when it is hanging to minimise ground erosion.

For any further information about the safety specifications of this product please email Sandy on


red and blue basket with internal galvanised steel ring and herculean rope

stainless steel chains


Basket size: 1.20m diameter 

recommended basket height from the ground: 400mm

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