Junior Basket Swing : CP-JBS(E)


The Junior Basket Swing for inclusive play is a piece of playground equipment that has been specifically designed for smaller children to enjoy with the basket set lower to the ground allowing them to climb on and off without any assistance. The 1.0m diameter basket is suspended on stainless steel chains that are supported by universal swing points fitted into angled support timbers.

The frame is constructed of two large quarter sawn timbers that are set into the ground with concrete to ensure they are secure.

The basket swing encourages inclusive play and children with special needs often find much enjoyment and comfort by relaxing on this product.

Add a few safety mats underneath the swing to make sure the grass does not get worn out. The grass will grow through the mats and can be cut with a lawnmower in the usual way. Other safety surfacing is available.

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pressure treated wax impregnated timber frame

1 x galvanised steel ring and herculean net rope basket 1.0m diameter


length: 2.0m

width: 1.0m

height: 2.2m


The basket must not be less than 40cm from the ground when installed. this is measured from the outside ring of the basket to the ground.