Rustic Log Bench : CP-RLB(E)


The Rustic Log Bench for school playgrounds is a robust and heavy timber bench that will enhance any outdoor setting.

Constructed from a single Douglas Fir log – the seat is cut from the centre of the log and the outer edges of the log form side supports.

Each bench is unique and individual showing the features of the timber and hence retaining a rustic and natural appearance. This is a beautiful bench that would sit nicely into any outdoor learning area of and places of outstanding natural beauty.

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We have a gallery of pictures of our products in educational settings such as schools, nurseries and residential schools. This is to showcase our products and to give inspiration if you are unsure of the sort of thing that you would like to install in your playground setting. Take a look at the gallery of inspirational images here.

For a less rustic looking bench take a look at our Sleeper Bench – a heavy duty block bench constructed from a single heart-sawn sleeper.

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Douglas Fir log


sizes vary depending on the timber  - a guide to sizes is as follows:

length: 2.1m

width: 0.5m

height: 1.5m