Sensory Light Tunnel : CP-SLT


For children and adults with special educational needs, sensory play can be a vital part of their daily routine, and as such our Sensory Light Tunnel is a valuable addition to any outdoor play area wishing to deliver those sensory experiences.


The tunnel is made up of 9 sets of multi-coloured, tinted perspex panels which makes it a unique sensory experience as the daylight changes and lights up the tunnel in different ways throughout the day. Children can enjoy walking through the tunnel, or even sitting or lying down in it. It has also been designed to be wide enough to accommodate all sizes of wheelchair, and can be created with any colour choices as required.


The Sensory light Tunnel is approximately 7.0m long, 2.0m high and 1.5m wide. The main structure is supported on base frame 75 x 175mm that holds the main upper section off the ground in order to restrict the effects of ground moisture affecting the timbers, so reducing future maintenance and repairs.


Caledonia Play have developed a shorter version of the Sensory Light Tunnel which is suitable for outdoor spaces that are limited in size. It has five sets of coloured panels.

Contact the office on 01577 840 570 to find out more or alternatively email and we will get back to you with the cost of various options.


multi-coloured tinted 5mm thick perspex panels

graded and dressed timbers#

quality fixings


Long Sensory light Tunnel:

Length: 7.0m

Width: 1.5m

Height: 2.0m


Short Sensory Tunnel

Length: 4.0m

Width: 1.5m

Height: 2.0m