Sleeper Bench Maze : CP-SBM


The Sleeper Bench Maze is a combination of sleeper benches permanently fixed to the ground in an interesting and fun pattern. Originally designed in response to a request from a school this product has been installed in varying configurations in a selection of schools.

Each bench is a heavy duty block bench constructed from a single heart sawn sleeper and concreted into the ground.

The timber used to create each bench is pressure treated waxed impregnated European softwood.

The sleeper bench maze can be used as part of outdoor learning, as a gathering place during recreational time or as part of imaginary play. It can be placed on any type of surfacing including tarmac and grass.

For play time fun for children of all ages to enjoy – to use as part of outdoor learning – and to use at lunch time as the perfect seating for packed lunches.

We will arrange a site visit to help you decide the best configuration for your specific needs.

Standard configuration is 2.4m*2, 1.8m*5, 1.2m*3.

If you’re interested in just having one, or two of the Sleeper Benches rather than a large configuration of many of them that is possible – we also have a smaller Sleeper Stool – just the perfect size for the littlest children to use.


heavy duty block benches constructed from a single heart sawn sleeper


standard sleeper bench size

length: 1.2m

width: 250mm

heigh:t 400 - 550mm

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories