Should I buy ground anchors?

Concrete is not required for our garden range however where ground is uneven or sloping ground anchors can be used to secure the structure. These corkscrew into the grass and are bolted onto the frame allowing them to be easily removed if required. On sloping ground it can also be beneficial to sink legs of a structure into the earth to find a good level. The can be done using a garden spade.

We supply two ground anchors as standard with a standard single swing frame – one for each opposite leg diagonally.

The swing frames will gently sink into the ground and be secure. The ground anchors are supplied in case there is to be a large amount of swinging by adults or larger young people.

On occasion, the weight of the timber can create a sunken area in the grass but the ground anchor prevents the timber sinking into this hole. This can result in the ground anchor holding up the leg rather than the timber sinking further into the ground. This can be avoided by not using ground anchors and allowing the timber to sink into the ground or by using extended legs which are actually dug into the ground and sit securely in the ground. Post saver sleeved are fitted to the section of the legs that is under the ground to help prevent timber rot that may otherwise occur.

The design of our swing frames is such that the product is extremely secure and we have never had a swing frame fall over due to excessive swinging.

The ground anchors offer peace of mind to uncertain individuals who may be concerned when the product lifts off the ground slightly due to excessive swinging.