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The Triple Swing Frame is a lovely swing set that allows three children to swing at the same time.

It has been designed to sit on the grass and does not need to be concreted in. There is also no need to anchor this product to the ground and it will withstand the most active and energetic children using it. However, if some additional support is required, 2 x no36 Ground Anchors on diagonally opposite corners will suffice.

Strength-wise, the Triple Swing Frame is designed to carry a combined user weight of around 200kg, with the recommended user weight for the individual seats of 70kg.

We’ve found that it’s best to let you choose your own swing seats so they don’t come as standard with the swing frame. All ages and abilities can be accommodated by altering the configuration of swing seats to suit.

The swing points on the top pole are placed slightly wider in relation to the ropes on the swing seat so that the swings go back and forth smoothly, rather than wobbling from side to side.

We recommend three grass safety mats for our Triple Swing Frame – one for under each swing – to prevent ground erosion.

Constructed from round timbers, this product is robust, extremely heavy, and will last for many years. As part of our commitment to the environment, all timbers are from sustainably-managed forests. Our swing sets are made from machine-rounded, dense, Northern European softwoods that have been pressure-treated and waxed for durability.

Delivery and Installation

We can deliver and install your product all over the UK.

You can also install the product yourself and we will provide you with full installation instructions. We are always willing to offer help at the end of the phone if required.

For installation you will need to use a ratchet with a 17mm and a 13mm socket. We recommend using an impact driver which is more convenient to use. The timbers are very heavy and need to be lifted above head height so for safety reasons we suggest that at least a couple of strong people work together on the installation rather than trying to install it on your own.

If you would like any further information about our swing frames or any of our other outdoor playsets please call the office on 01577 840570 or email

Don’t forget to buy swing seats!

“Thank you. I wanted a swing for the whole family to enjoy and particularly wanted wood so it looked and felt naturally part of the garden. It’s loved and enjoyed particularly by myself and the grandchildren. Excellent customer service too!” Shirley via Twitter


Four 10cm diameter legs support 12cm diameter top swing pole.

Top pole secured with 17mm timber bolts and 13mm timber bolts are used at all other points, - located into pre-drilled recessed holes.

2.5m spread between the 10cm diameter legs making it extremely stable.

8cm diagonal bracing bars have 2 fixing points at end of the bar

All swing pivot points are fixed through 12cm top swing pole, locked with twin locking nuts.

All the timbers have been pressure treated and impregnated with wax, providing a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.

Due to the size of the A-frame legs they are able to partially compensate for uneven ground or slight slopes

Assembled size: Assembled size: 3.5m long x 2.5m wide x 2.6m high


Length: 3.5m | Width: 2.5m | Height: 2.6m

We recommend 1.5m clearance around the product with 2m clearance behind and in front of the swings.

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