Parallel Bars : K-4(E)


Parallel Bars are two stainless steel bars mounted on four vertical timber supports. This product is excellent for developing upper body strength.

The timbers are pressure treated and impregnated with wax and sanded to a smooth and natural finish.

This product is concreted into the ground and we suggest grass safety mats to help prevent ground erosion.

All our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177. For more technical information on our products for schools and nurseries then take a look here.

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4 x pressure treated upright timber poles with metal feet extensions

2 x stainless steel bars


length of bar: 1.5m

distance between the bars: 0.7m

height to top of pole: 1.3m

height to parallel bar: 1.2m