Timber Clatter Bridge : CP-TCB(E)


The Timber Clatter Bridge can be used as a playground feature or as part of a larger activity trail as part of the outdoor play provision. Large timber boards are suspended by chains from large 12cm diameter poles. The children enjoy walking across the bridge and have the handrails for support if required.

This product helps to develop balance and coordination. It is also ideal for imaginative play as children use the bridge in their outdoor role play setting.

When left to create their own play children of all ages are very good at coming up with scenarios that adults would never have thought of – let this lovely timber bridge be at the centre of this.

We suggest the use of Grass Safety Mats around key areas of the product to prevent ground erosion.

CP-TCB/25 Clatter Bridge 2.5m £1,160.00

CP-TCB/30 Clatter Bridge 3.0m £1,325.00

For more product specifications and delivery and installation costs email sales@caledoniaplay.com or call 01577 840570 and we will do our best to help you decide on the best combination of products for your play area and to suit your budget.


single log machine 12cm diameter rounded poles pressure treated with non-arsenic preservative, impregnated with wax and secured into the ground with metal feet and concrete footings

2 x chain 151 link chains
4 x 45 link chains
240cm threaded bars
boards: 220 x 720mm


length: 3.0m

height: 1.25m

width: 1.1m