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Discovering the sixth sense

Within our design processes of play equipment and play area settings we always strive to include a wide variety of activities that stimulate children’s natural senses.

These senses include touch, smell, sight, sound and balance. However, there is another sense that is sometimes described as the ‘sixth sense’. Proprioception, otherwise known as Kinesthesia is the sense of self-movement and body position. It is our body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location. It is present in every muscle movement we have.  Proprioception allows you to walk without consciously thinking about where to place your foot next. It lets you touch your elbow with your eyes closed.

Encouraging children to use their senses is crucial to their general development.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Play Equipment and design layout, Caledonia Play are proud to offer a range of equipment specifically designed for Inclusive Play.

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We have worked with numerous ASN organisations and Special Needs Care Facilities and have some great case studies for you to read.

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New for 2022

We have a great product which is new to our range:

The new Terma Wheelchair Swing allows fully independent swinging by wheelchair users.

And it can be used in conjunction with a friend or helper – twice the fun!

This swing can accommodate a maximum of two people including one wheelchair. Entry is all on one level, there is an integrated safety strap and a large metal barrier that automatically lifts the ramp up to ensure the wheelchair will not roll off. An additional back rest guides the wheelchair into the best position while swinging, and the brake on the wheelchair will need to be applied before swinging commences.

Please note – Despite its name it is not a play swing like any other and is therefore categorised as Outdoor Fitness Equipment in compliance with EN16630. It should only ever be incorporated within a play area if it is fenced off separately to protect playground users from collision with this unit or any other outdoor gym equipment.

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